Tetzlaff Middle School
An Accelerated Learning Academy

12351 Del Amo Boulevard
Cerritos, CA 90703
Phone: (562) 229-7795


Welcome to Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy, one of California’s newest Gold Ribbon Schools! Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy, located in the city of Cerritos, serves approximately 650 students from diverse backgrounds, in grades seven and eight, on a traditional calendar system. 


Welcome to Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy


Our mission is to provide a rigorous and relevant curriculum that prepares students for Advanced Placement® (AP®) high school courses, because it is our belief that the building of a college-going culture begins before high school and persists throughout a student’s academic career. Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy is Los Angeles County’s first Magnet Middle School that provides a Pre-AP® curriculum for all students.  Furthermore, Tetzlaff is proud and honored to be a SpringBoard® Pre-Advanced Placement® (Pre-AP®) National Demonstration School (2013-20), the first and only middle school in the state of California! 


Welcome to Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy

Tetzlaff Trojans study core materials in greater detail and depth while increasing their critical thinking skills to better understand themselves. By infusing Pre-AP® curriculum standards with Common Core Standards, technology, and college readiness, our students are prepared to navigate a global, technological 21st century.


Welcome to Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy


The teachers and staff at Tetzlaff believe every student can learn and achieve academic excellence. We recognize every student as an individual with unlimited potential. We are dedicated to meeting the academic, emotional and social needs of all students and our goal is that all students will graduate from high school and enter college well prepared to pursue careers of their own choosing and to be leaders in their communities.


 Welcome to Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy


Tetzlaff has continued the tradition of high academic standards being named a 2005 and 2013 California Distinguished School; 2000 National Blue Ribbon School; 2014-2016 National and California Schools to Watch - Taking Center Stage Model School, Re-Designated for 2017-2019, 2020 – 2022 and a 2017 California Gold Ribbon School. In addition, Tetzlaff was once again named a California Business for Education Excellence Honor Roll School for a fifth year in a row, not to mention the California School Board Association’s Golden Bell Award in 2009 for our Red Carpet Media Festival, an event for students to showcase their own public service announcements, photos and media information. 

Pre-AP® curriculum and school wide programs highlights


 Welcome to Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy


  • Math - Our Pre-AP®, Common Core Standards based math curriculum is focused on building strong conceptual understanding that helps students to become flexible thinkers that are able to apply the mathematics they have learned to a rapidly changing world.
  • English - The ability to think, read, and write clearly and effectively lies at the heart of every Pre-AP® English course at Tetzlaff and extends throughout the curriculum.
  • Science - Our science curriculum seeks to give students a firm foundation in science, as well as an understanding of the interrelationships among the different branches of science as we continue to follow the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • History - History courses at Tetzlaff strive to build an understanding and an appreciation for civilizations of the past and present.
  • Electives - One of the school’s foremost curricular objectives is a balanced program in which the arts play a significant and well-integrated role.  Mainstays of our elective program include Spanish, Television Broadcasting, Chorus, Beginning Dance and we offer Project Lead the Way (Engineering) rounding out our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) classes. Tetzlaff is the first middle school to offer the CTE course, Introduction to Sports Medicine to our 8th grade students. This course directly aligns with our high school’s medical pathways and prepares students who are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.
  • Band - is a large piece of our elective program with an Award winning Marching Band, Color Guard, and Drum Major components.
Our band performed at DisneylandOur band performed at Disneyland
  • Physical Education - Our curriculum focuses on the “sound body-sound mind” philosophy of wellness to help our students make better transitions during this period of growth.
  • PBIS - Peacebuilders - A school wide positive behavior program that promotes student accountability and responsibility. Each day begins with our pledge: “I am a Peace Builder. I pledge to praise people, to give up put downs, to seek wise people, to notice and speak up about hurts I have caused, to right wrongs, to help others.  I will build peace at home, at school, on the internet and in my community each day.” Each homeroom/advisory class sends monthly Peace Leaders to training and then go back to train their peers.  Students are teaching peace and positive behaviors to students. PBIS - Peacebuilders is instrumental to our school community and culture of readiness, respect, and responsibility.
  • WEB - Where Everybody Belongs (W.E.B) is a student-led program to promote diversity at our school. Students meet to plan and organized events like “mix it up,” grade level competitions, and lunchtime activities to ensure students engage in cross cultural and grade encounters. We make deliberate attempts to engage our students in fun activities that connect peers and build community and school pride.


We look forward to working with our Tetzlaff parents, students, and community members during this school year. We are confident that it will be another year of milestones achieved for all students here at Tetzlaff! If you would like more information about our school or would like to contact us, please visit our school’s website and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @tetzlaff12351.

What is a Magnet School?

A Magnet School is one that is chosen by its district and the federal government to receive extra funding, equipment, teachers, and training to "specialize" in a chosen field or two. All of the 16 Magnet Schools in ABCUSD have been awarded over $20 million federal monies to develop and sustain theme-based programs of excellence.