Burbank Elementary School
A Visual, Performing and Folk Arts Magnet


17711 Roseton Avenue
Artesia, CA 90701
Phone: (562)229-7835

Burbank Bulldogs

The Burbank Bulldogs are a community of dedicated educators, supportive adults, and enthusiastic, talented learners.  As an inspirational magnet school, Burbank Elementary is THE arts program that will motivate students to “Imagine the Possibilities” around them.  As a result of our strong dedication to student learning Burbank has received the California Honor Roll School Award for three years in a row, While offering an exciting arts program in visual arts, dance, music, and theater, Burbank Elementary is distinguished in our approach to incorporating and celebrating the multicultural perspective through the integration of folk arts in all four disciplines.  The Burbank Elementary Magnet Program is designed to nurture the whole child- intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and artistic.  Beginning in the primary grades, our students perform for each other, the school, their parents, and the community.  Musical theater, film criticism, art history and ethnographic exploration all contribute to an atmosphere that encompasses a strong academic base well balanced with aesthetics.  After school enrichment opportunities include Howlers Choir, Spirit Squad, Dance Clubs, Computer Club, and much more. 


Honor Roll School 2018-2019

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Burbank Bulldogs
Burbank Elementary School is the home of a diverse student population and a caring, dedicated staff.  Our staff believes in a culture of Universal Achievement for all in which we focus on preparing ALL students to be college and career ready.  We pride ourselves at Burbank on our personal touch to education, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of each of our students.  We are kid centered and family oriented!
Burbank Bulldogs

As you walk our campus you will see our dedication to preparing students for futures in college and careers.  We focus on conceptual awareness of what it means to be college and career ready.  Students begin to visualize their future in grades TK-K and move to internalizing in grades 1 through 3.  We guide students in grades 4 and 5 to conceptualize their future and begin to lead students in 6th grade through seeing their future in a tangible manner.  Students actively participate in all content area lessons taught by highly trained, passionate teacher who are always willing to go “the extra mile” to make sure each and every student understands. 

Burbank BulldogsBurbank Bulldogs
What is a Magnet School?

A Magnet School is one that is chosen by its district and the federal government to receive extra funding, equipment, teachers, and training to "specialize" in a chosen field or two. All of the 16 Magnet Schools in ABCUSD have been awarded over $20 million federal monies to develop and sustain theme-based programs of excellence.