Niemes Elementary
An Environmental Science and Technology Magnet

16715 Jersey Avenue
Artesia, CA 90701
Phone: (562) 229-7890

Niemes is proud to be a National Magnet School with an emphasis on Environmental Science and Technology. A child with a strong interest in animal life, the outdoors and science will thrive in the Environmental Science and Technology Programs at Niemes Elementary. Our innovative program encourages the students' love for the natural world and empowers them to become an active participant in the stewardship of their planet. We strive to combine high expectations, stellar educational programs and a partnership with parents and the community to provide the best educational experience for each child.
Field trips, research explorations, and community projects are some of the ways classes explore our natural world. Participation in community gardens and recycling projects teach our young people about the importance of responsibility and ownership of their ideals.

Program Features

  • Environmental science and technology curriculum integrated into all subject areas
  • Environmental science laboratory
  • Outdoors garden habitat/ 1 acre Nature Center
  • State of the art technology equipment programs and high speed internet
  • In-classroom technology centers
  • Computer laboratory
  • After school environmental program
  • Green school ecology/Recycling program
  • Environmental Stewards Student Council
  • Community recycling
  • Technology instructor
  • Environmental science instructor
What is a Magnet School?

A Magnet School is one that is chosen by its district and the federal government to receive extra funding, equipment, teachers, and training to "specialize" in a chosen field or two. All of the 16 Magnet Schools in ABCUSD have been awarded over $20 million federal monies to develop and sustain theme-based programs of excellence.